Halloween Candy Buy-Back Event 2015

Last year, we were able to kick off our first Candy Buy-Back event.  We invited our patients and the local community to donate extra candy in return for cash.  The goal was to reduce the amount of candy consumed per child, thereby helping to promote cavity prevention.  Additionally, we were able to donate the extra candy to Operation Christmas Child.  The candy is distributed in moderate amounts to children overseas, who rarely get to enjoy these sweet treats.  In this way, we feel like we are helping to decrease the number of cavities in our local community while also sharing smiles abroad.

With your help, we hope to do it again this year.


We are also inviting the students of Carolyn Barron Montessori School (CBMS) to bring in their candy in return for a donation to their school.  We will donate $4 to CBMS for every pound of candy their students bring in.

When: Nov. 2nd & 3rd; 8am-5pm

Where: Our office; 23 Old Atlanta Hwy, Suite 200 in Newnan

Details: Bring in your extra Halloween candy and exchange it for cash.  $1/lb; up to 3lbs of candy per child.