Our Hands-On Learning Lab 

For Healthy Bodies

We want to give children the knowledge needed to prevent obesity, diabetes and dental disease.  Children ages 2-18 can enjoy learning about their oral heallearning labth in a fun educational environment. Our hands-on learning lab is designed to teach them in a way that they will remember – by actively involving them in activities and science experiments that demonstrate the affects of nutrition and oral health habits on their teeth and overall health.

  • Uncover the role of sugar in cavities and pre-diabetes
  • Learn about bacterial infection in teeth and gums
  • Discover how the acidity of various foods and beverages effects enamel erosion and promotes cavities
  • Witness how sugar and plaque combine to cause cavities
  • Choose small changes in nutrition that can make a big difference
  • Study the internal anatomy of teeth, gums and bone and see the difference between healthy and unhealthy structures

For Healthy Minds

The learning lab also provides a gateway for those interested in pursuing a career in dentistry.  Those who are interested can get first-hand experience into the dental profession by allowing them to:

  • Play with dental art materials (placing a sealing on a tooth or taking an impression of his/her own mouth!)learning lab
  • Observe the dentist in action
  • Discover abnormalities with our digital photo library and dental instruments (laser cavity detectors and periodontal probes!)
  • Investigate forensic dentistry
  • Learn about dental specialty services

Our Learning Lab Includes:

  • A variety of experiments suitable for each age group
  • Nutritional coaching for oral and total body health
  • Individual skill building for optimal oral health
  • Dental professions exploration
  • Tools to identify cavity formation, detection and prevention
  • Instruction on avoiding bacterial and inflammatory diseases in your mouth
  • Whole health science to avoid lifestyle related illness

Learning Lab Goals

We want children to develop the behaviors and knowledge needed to encourage a lifetime of dental health and well- being.  Instilling good habits at a young age can help prevent a future of oral health issues and other illnesses (Poor oral health is linked to a variety of other serious health problems).