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Check out these videos on mouth guards & what to do in the event of a sports injury to the mouth!


Athletic Mouthguards

All athletic mouth guards are not created equal. Depending upon the design and materials used, mouthpieces will vary in fit, protection, ease of maintenance and longevity.

We offer custom-made athletic mouth guards. Formed from a cast model of your teeth, these custom-made athletic mouth guards are designed to cover all the teeth and are shown in the literature to be the best type of protection. These mouth guards can cushion falls and blows to the chin. Custom-made  guards may be slightly more expensive than commercially produced mouthpieces, but they offer the best possible fit and protection and are the most comfortable.

Custom Athletic Mouthguards vs. Stock Mouthguards and Boil & Bite:

Stock mouthguards and Boil & Bite mouthguards can be purchased at pharmacies and sporting goods stores while custom mouthguards are designed by your dentist.

Design and Fit

  • Stock mouthguards are not adjustable and therefore do not conform to an individuals mouth.  Not only does this offer less protection, but it makes them less comfortable to wear.  Additionally, the athlete must be clenching down on the guard to keep it in place.  This often interferes with breathing and speaking.
  • Boil and Bite mouthguards are softened in boiling water, allowing the athlete to conform it to their own teeth.  Protection is often reduced by loose or improper fitting or thinning out of the chewing surface by biting down on the material.  The Boil & Bite mouthguards are typically bulky, made to fit a variety of mouth sizes.  This often causes interference with breathing and speaking.
  • Custom mouthguards are shaped to each individual’s mouth by a dental professional, making them more secure and comfortable.  The custom fit does not interfere with breathing or speaking.   The Academy for Sports Dentistry states a custom mouthguard is 100% more protective than any other type of mouthguard.


You get what you pay for! Stock mouthguards are the least expensive and offer the least amount of protection and comfort.  Custom guards are more expensive, but they will be molded to fit each individuals mouth – offering the best protection and comfort available.  Additionally, a dental professional can evaluate each individual’s mouth and address any dental concern, such as the age of the athlete and providing space for growing teeth and jaws.


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