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Headache and TMJ Treatment

Tired of waking up with tension headaches, migraines, or pain in your jaw?  You may be clenching or grinding your teeth while you sleep – or even during the day without even knowing it!  We offer headache and TMJ Treatment that can reduce or eliminate your pain and discomfort.  There are two solutions that aid in relief of headaches and TMJ pain: the NTI tension suppression system and Botox-Cosmetic.

NTI Tension Supression System (Also known as a Night Mouthguard)

If you suffer from a painful and aching jaw. If your teeth are sore and sensitive. If you wake up with a stiff neck. If you suffer from frequent and recurring tension headaches and/or morning headaches then you might find the tension suppression system a big source of relief.

Clenching your teeth during the day or at night can cause headaches and migraines.  The NTI Tension Supression System is a dental service that can help stop tension headaches, sore jaws, stiff necks and sensitive teeth.  It is a prefabricated polycarbonate device that a dental practitioner retrofits to a patient’s teeth to reduce intensity of involuntary clenching at night while you are asleep.  The NTI device may eliminate the need for prescription and over the counter pain medications that you take for tension headaches, sore neck, sore jaws and related pain associated with involuntarily clenching your teeth.

The NTI’s are small and conformed to fit your front teeth.  They act as a barrier, not allowing you to clench or grind your teeth and encouraging your muscles to relax.  Your dentist will make sure it is properly fitted for comfort and safety while you sleep.


Most people know Botox can help reduce or eliminate pesky facial wrinkles. However, not many people are aware of its therapeutic uses.  Botox can help alleviate or even eliminate pain associated with TMJ by relaxing the tense muscles associated with TMJ discomfort.

Learn more about how Botox can help with TMJ pain! Watch the video below: