Project Description

Teeth Whitening

Ever notice how some people can practically light up a room with their bright, beautiful smile?  That natural-looking, sparking white smile can be yours with a safe and effective professional teeth whitening procedure. We offer two effective options: in-office or custom take-home whitening trays.


Under the doctor’s supervision, you can whiten your teeth with a safe and effective process. Through the use of a custom-made delivery system and the latest materials in teeth whitening technology, you can have whiter and brighter teeth before you leave our office.  This process takes about two hours in our office and brightens your smile up to 10 shades whiter during your visit.  Your teeth will continue to whiten over the next few days.  Additionally, we provide you with take-home trays for touch-ups throughout the year.

Custom Take-home trays

Molded to fit your mouth for comfort and precision, our custom take-home trays can bring you a whiter smile from the comfort of your own home.  This process takes a little longer than our in-office whitening, yielding a whiter smile in about 2 weeks and requiring only a few minutes every day.

Ask us about your teeth whitening options!